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LearnScoutsBSA – Ropes

All the rope work from Scout Rank to First Class

  • Whipping Rope - LearnscoutsBSA

    This short video describes in detail how to whip the end of rope.

  • Sheetbend - knot

    This is how to tie the sheet bend knot. It also goes over the uses.

  • Bowline knot

    This is a short video about how to tie the bowline per the ScoutsBSA method. It's known as an emergency knot in which the loop (tied around someone) does not slip while that person is being lifted or lowered.

  • Square knot

    This is a brief tutorial about how to tie the square knot according to ScoutsBSA. The square knot is known as "the first aid knot" as it's used in all the first aid bandaging. It's also used to join ropes together.

  • Taut-line knot

    This is a quick video on how to tie the taut-line knot per ScoutsBSA. Although tent rope tensioners have largely replaced this knot they do break and so it's still important to know this knot. This is a unique knot in that it can slip and keep tight it done right. Throughout the day when your tent warms up, cools down, or goes through wind and rain it will shrink and expand. This knot can adjust with the tent, tarp or fly without having to re-stake the rope.

How-To from Other Scouts
  • How To Make an Eclipse Viewer | Scouts BSA

    The Boy Scouts of America is here to give you everything you need to know on how to get the most out of the next solar eclipse with a homemade eclipse viewer. Follow along as we show you everything it takes to make a perfect eclipse viewer out of everyday household items. Subscribe to Boy Scouts Of America: https://bit.ly/2pwnlQr Follow Boy Scouts Of America Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boyscoutsof... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theboyscouts...

  • Make an Eclipse Viewer for a Total Solar Eclipse

    Follow these easy steps for a cool way to see the total solar eclipse in action. What you'll need: - A small square of foil - A small square of white paper - Tape - A pin - A small knife Watch the video for instructions on how to assemble these items into an eclipse viewer.

  • How to Cook a Brownie in an Orange – Campfire Recipe

    Did you know you can cook a brownie inside an orange? In this video you'll learn how to create this treat while camping or hanging out in your backyard. You'll need: - An orange - Premixed brownie batter - A knife - A spoon - Foil - Tongs - A campfire Head to https://beascout.scouting.org/ to embark on more family adventures like this.

  • Make Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag on Your Campout

    Whip up bacon and eggs on your next outing using a paper sack! You Need: - Paper bag - Bacon - A knife - Two eggs - A stick - A campfire with coals Learn more ways to enjoy outings with your family by heading to https://beascout.scouting.org/

  • How to Cook an Egg in a Potato Over Your Campfire

    Cooking an egg without a pan is easy! Whether in the backcountry or in your backyard, try this recipe with your kids for cooking fun in the outdoors. You Need: An egg A potato (with skin) A knife A spoon Toothpicks or twigs Tongs A campfire To embark on more family adventures like this, visit https://beascout.scouting.org/

National How-To Cooking
  • Campsgiving: Start a New Tradition

    Want to get more out of your Thanksgiving holiday? Make it a Campsgiving. We've got recipes, gear, projects and more to inspire your family and friends to go outside and make memories this fall. Visit http://scoutingwire.org/campsgiving/ for more info.

  • Make Thanksgiving Dressing in a Dutch Oven

    Here's how you can make delicious Thanksgiving dressing or stuffing in a Dutch oven. Get outside with your family for Campsgiving to start a new tradition. Check out the full lineup of Dutch oven meals to make this a family memory like no other.

  • Cook a Cranberry Apple Pie in a Dutch Oven for Thanksgiving

    Head outdoors this Thanksgiving to start a new tradition. It's called Campsgiving and your family will love it! Sweeten the event with this Dutch oven recipe for a delicious fall classic. Check out our other Dutch oven recipes to complete your meal!

  • Bake Cornbread in a Dutch Oven This Thanksgiving

    Looking for recipes that will take your family outdoors this Thanksgiving? We've got you covered with our Campsgiving Dutch oven menu. Check out this recipe for cornbread. Then, watch the full playlist for other Thanksgiving recipes.

  • Cook a Dutch Oven Turkey for Thanksgiving and Start a New Tradition

    Get outside this Thanksgiving to celebrate Campsgiving! Did you know you can prepare a whole Thanksgiving meal outdoors? Use this recipe to cook a Dutch oven turkey for a delicious rendition of a classic. Check out our other Dutch oven recipes to complete your family's meal!