Site Membership Breakdown

Simple and Easy

Free Membership

The bread & butter of our platform is simply making it easier for adult leaders to make their programs.

Social Community: Similar to Facebook’s platform, you can post your status and activities, share ideas and thoughts, and give feedback to others’ pages by posting comments and “liking” what they share. You can also share information between members privately via an internal message system or publicly via Groups.

Groups: Groups is a way to deliver organized topics of interest through conversational discussions. Each subcategory of topics will have a forum in which to share ideas.  If you are interested in a certain topic you may join that group at or below your membership level. This will give you access to the corresponding forum. By default all free members are associated to all free groups. You can at any time decide to cancel group membership. If you have an idea for a new group topic, send it out to us for consideration.

Forums: Forums keep information in a very easy, searchable (question and answer) format.  Only Free Membership and Paid Membership accounts can reply or post to forums (other than the Parent’s Forum).

Notifications: You will be alerted about status changes, topic updates and more through notifications via your email and within the site itself based on the amount of notification you prefer.

Coming Soon

Paid Membership

Access to all content from the Free Membership level, PLUS…E-learning

Course Access: Courses designed to introduce, educate and improve understanding of the skills and knowledge found in the scout handbook. Each course includes the following sections: a “spirit of intent” or purpose of the requirement, ; reference to material in the Scout Handbook, and methods of applying the knowledge through audio, video or diagrams as needed.

Successful Program Design Templates: “Luck favors the prepared”. Successful programs have to be thought out, planned out and executed. Get started on the right foot with files and documents which will help you overcome a lot of initial barriers in setting up a great program for your troop.Document Templates: Here you will find proven successful documents designed to speed up program acceptance for your troop.Monthly audio and video sessions: Need some time for some direct question and answer sessions? Take advantage of monthly opportunities to discuss topics most important to you in our audio and video sessions.  You can also access notes from previous sessions for review.

(Developing!) Testing outdoor equipment: Who is better to test outdoor equipment than scouts?! We are currently seeking out outdoor equipment testing services for our members.

Making It Affordable

Earning Membership

There will be two different ways for Paid Membership status on this site.

Pay the monthly fee: The easiest and quickest way to obtain Paid Membership.  You simply pay the  monthly subscription with the cost of $10/month or $100/year. The subscription is valid for 1 year of which you can cancel at any time.

Work as a Moderator for this site: This option is for adult leaders (who have at least 3 years of experience leading a certified BSA troop or crew) to moderate one or more groups or forums on this site. A vetting process will take place to authenticate the scouting experience.