How To Ropes:

Want a quick refresher on all the rope work from Scout Rank to First Class? Here it is in one location. Click on each video to watch

  • Whipping Rope - LearnscoutsBSA

    This short video describes in detail how to whip the end of rope.

  • Sheetbend - knot

    This is how to tie the sheet bend knot. It also goes over the uses.

  • Bowline knot

    This is a short video about how to tie the bowline per the ScoutsBSA method. It's known as an emergency knot in which the loop (tied around someone) does not slip while that person is being lifted or lowered.

  • Square knot

    This is a brief tutorial about how to tie the square knot according to ScoutsBSA. The square knot is known as "the first aid knot" as it's used in all the first aid bandaging. It's also used to join ropes together.

  • Taut-line knot

    This is a quick video on how to tie the taut-line knot per ScoutsBSA. Although tent rope tensioners have largely replaced this knot they do break and so it's still important to know this knot. This is a unique knot in that it can slip and keep tight it done right. Throughout the day when your tent warms up, cools down, or goes through wind and rain it will shrink and expand. This knot can adjust with the tent, tarp or fly without having to re-stake the rope.

  • Fusing rope

    Fusing rope is 1 of 2 ways to keep the ends of a rope from fraying. It's important to mention that fusing rope can only be done with synthetic fiber rope as it will melt/fuse. Natural fiber rope will only burn if you attempt to fuse it. You will need to whip the end of a natural fiber rope.

  • Clove hitch

    The clove hitch is one of the most used hitches in scoutsbsa. It is an anchor hitch to start and finish most lashings. It will hold as long as it has tension.

  • Two-half hitches knot

    This short video goes over how to tie the two-half hitches knot. It is well known for anchoring clothes lines and ropes to tents. It also mentions how you can make sure you have done it correctly.

  • Timber hitch

    This video goes over how to tie the timber hitch. This knot is used to drag heavy items and is easy to untie once finished. It locks in place once enough tension is put on the rope. This knot is also used to start the diagonal lash.

  • Square Lash

    How to tie the square lash as taught by ScoutsBSA. This video goes through how and why we use the square lash. (hint.. it's a lot more than putting two 90 degree angle pieces of wood together).

  • Diagonal lash

    This video covers how to start and finish the diagonal lash. Mostly used to prevent racking of structures built in pioneering projects.

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