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30 Day Rank Challenges – Scout through First Class

Given the current situation with everyone home, here are a great set of 30 day challenges you can have your scout work through to get to the next Rank (Scout through First Class). Obviously there will be some stuff that will need to wait until a campout and things like that… Please download it and have your scout work in the scout handbook as all the info is in it.

Author: LaToyia McKinnis-Sand : Thank you so much for allowing us to post this. 


These links do not require site membership. They are for everyone to use. Keep up scouting in your community by keeping your scouts engaged.

Scout Rank: Download here

Tenderfoot Rank: Download here

Second Class Rank: Download here

First Class Rank: Download here

About the author: tzizak
Tony Zizak is a long time scouter, Eagle Scout, and the scoutmaster of Troop 119 Ellettsville, IN. He has served on Wood Badge staff as a Troop Guide. He has been to scout camps across the country and was a certified Program Director, Aquatics Director and a Scoutcraft Director. As a youth Tony received his Vigil Honor and served as a Lodge Chief for Tseyedin Lodge #65. Reach out to him for any questions you may have on any of his articles posted

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